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Oddly Satisfying Digital Art Animation

weirdly Satisfying Animation We have a very short but cool animation video to share with the world today. This is


Lucas The Spider

This is Lucas. Lucas has a lot of eyes. Sometimes he doesn't know what to do with so many eyes.


Have You Met Steve Yet?

This is Steve and Steve likes to live on the wild side of life. [embed][/embed]


If Mario Odyssey Was Super Real

After the official trailer for the upcoming "Super Mario Odyssey" going viral a few days ago now this "real" version


LEGO Harry Potter In 90 Seconds

How It Should Have Ended show us a pretty well done stopmotion animation recap of the whole "Harry Potter" saga.

The Animated Adventures of Indiana Jones

This would be such a great TV show! But after this two minutes being the results of five years of

30 GIFs for 30 Days in Los Angeles

Creative director James Curran has done a new "Gifathlon" where he shows us his month in Los Angeles with 30


The Simpsons Choose Between Hillary And Trump

The entire country, and much of the world, is deciding who they will be voting for this November. Most of us


South Park 20th Anniversary Commercial

It's crazy that when South Park first debuted it was considered one of the worst things on television. Something that would


How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

Sick of all the superheroes movies at the box office? If you are, apparently you are alone, as they continue


Billions Of Rabbits Animation Is A Dream Or A Nightmare

Freelance animator Cyriak is famous online for his very unique and strange short films. And after a long hiatus he has stayed


What Happened Before History

We often take our modern human civilization for granted. It's truly amazing how much our world has changed since the olden days.