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Cat Talks To Hedgehog Short Cartoon

Simon's Cat listens to a hedgehog complain about leaves being stuck to his needles. So Simon's Cat just throws some…

24 Cute Animations Made In 24 Hours

Animater James Lee made these 24 cartoons in just one day. I like the KFC Cornol shooting lasers out of…

Paper Animation Of Book Going West – Books Come To Life

An epic animation made from the literal pages of the book Going West. A snippet is narrated by a deep,…

The Social Network Explained In One Minute – Computer Animation

This computer animation hits the nail right on the head. The real life story is boring full of coding and…

How The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended

We finally see the way The Empire Strikes Back was intended to end. Darth Vader is thrilled to learn about…

Short Animated Film About Belgium

And you thought America was complicated. Here's a short cartoon explaining why Belgium is so complicated.

T-Rex Annoys Friend Cartoon

A reincarnation of Saddam Hussein dinosaur annoys her friend by calling him constantly. This whole cartoon annoys me.

The Solo Adventures – Star Wars Short Animated Film

We are taken on a short adventure with Han Solo and Chewbacca. The robot is IG-88, assassin droid and bounty…

A Bear Talks To Katy Perry Bear

The fan bear is weirded out by Katy Perry's lyrics.

How To Carry Your Books At School Animation

The Tale Of Mere Existence. God I hate school, and f those 'big, cool kids'. This guys explains how to…


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