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Who Owns Really Antarctica

For some time now, every tiny piece of land on earth has been found, and thus claimed. But what about


Elephant Seals Crush Cameraman’s Tent

To film the movie The Adventures of the Penguin King, a camera crew naturally had to travel to the Antarctica and stay


Icebreaker Timelapse

Cassandra Brooks was on an icebreaker boat traveling through the Ross Sea, Antarctica for two long months. The entire time, the special


Penguin Highway in Antarctica

Melissa Brennan had the amazing opportunity to travel across all seven continents, including frigid Antarctica. While on the icy continent she set up


Largest Glacier Breaking, Calving Ever Caught On Film

Glacier calving is the extraordinary natural event when ice glaciers break or disrupt in an extravagant way.  As a promotion for the new Chasing Ice documentary, We Are Exposure published this


Photographer In Protective Box Has Close Encounter With A Polar Bear

Photographer Gordon Buchanan traveled to the Arctic to document a polar bear family for the BBC2's upcoming special, My Polar Bear Family and


Enormous Iceberg Flips Over Near Argentina

You know when you have some ice in your drink while enjoying a summer picnic and the ice seems to


Penguins Jumping From Water Straight Up Onto High Iceberg

Penguins may not be able to fly, but they sure have other amazing talents. While touring Antarctica, beanontheroadagain caught a group of


Polar Bear Does Handstand

This adorable video by OneWorldOneOcean is starting to trend now, and is featured on , MSN, and . The cameraman caught an incredible scene


Underwater Recording Of Seal Calls Sound Like Science Fiction

This video from 2010 just had a viral explosion of 50,000 hits in just the past few days after being


Baby Elephant Seal Cuddles With Photographer

This video from April just went viral now, exploding with tens of thousands of hits in a matter of hours.