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The Way Ants Act Solid-Like And Liquid-Like Will Blow Your Mind

Ants have fascinated scientists for years. Some even say Superman's super strength was inspired by ants as they are able to…

Ants Mysterious Circle Ringing iPhone

This strange short clip demonstrates the invisible power of our smartphones. In the video, a large group of tiny ants…

Radio Host Experiences The Worst Pain Known To Man

While Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy were visiting an Amazon tribe for their show Hamish incidentally experienced one of the worst…

The Incredible Physics of Ants

Ants are truly amazing creatures.  The tiny bugs may seem simple enough, but, as The New York Times demonstrates in this new…

Ants Carry Dead Lizard Up Wall

It's said ants are one of the strongest creatures on the planet for their size. They are also great team workers,…

Raft Of Ants Float

A raft made entirely of fire ants floats on the top of the water. Pretty impressive, but when the scientist…



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