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Japan Zoo Holds Escaped Zebra Drill

The Japanese are famous for being well prepared for nearly any emergency situation. Associated Press reports that recently, they went as far


Barack Obama Plays Soccer With Japanese Robot ASIMO

It's always refreshing to see the President in the news for something apolitical and just fun. During Barack Obama's tour


Giant Spinning Ice Disk In North Dakota

The Associated Press reports George Loegering found an extremely rare weather phenomenon and luckily caught it on camera.  The retired engineer in North Dakota


Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

Darnell Barton has become an American hero overnight. While driving his bus on the usual route, he noticed a woman


White Lion Cub Debuts At Serbia Zoo

An adorable white lion cub has entered our world at the Belgrade Zoo in Serbia. The cute cub was covered


Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Remembers Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is best known as the co-founder of Apple, but many people seem to forget the other half. Steve


French Baguette Vending Machine

In America, we have vending machines churning out candy, sodas, and ice cream. In France, a baker has just debuted


Chihuahua Chases Off Robbers

The LA Sheriff department has released this CCTV video of a two robbers trying to hold up a smoke shop.


Girl Rides Cow Like Horse

I'll be honest, I saw this video when it first came out, and I never thought it would go viral.


Kid Post On Facebook When Robbers Broke In His Home

Natesh was home when three masked intruders broke in. They didn't see him run to the attic. He only had


Man Apologizes While Robbing Store

After buying a cup of coffee, an older man pulled out a gun and tells the clerk he needed the


Crab Vending Machine In China

In America the only food in vending machines are chips, pop, and candy bars. In China they just started serving