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Apartment Fire Witness Quickly Becomes First Responder

Spencer Butler and his friends just happened to be by an apartment building when they noticed smoke. At first, Spencer started


Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Living in the city has its perks, but one of the worst part about living in the city is sharing


Inside New York City’s Tallest Apartment

Everyone knows that New York City real estate is some of the most expensive in the world. Now, a brand


Russian Apartment Building Collapse

A nine story apartment building collapsed in Russia after a gas pipe leak explosion. Two are dead and many more


Tiny Manhattan Apartment Unfolds Into Four Rooms

Like so many millions of people, Eric Schneider wanted to live in Manhattan, but couldn't afford a typical apartment. What he


78 Sq Ft Apartment In Manhattan Is Shockingly Small

We saw the 90 sq ft apartment in Manhattan that went viral last April. That apartment at least had it's


One Room Apartment Changes Into Many Rooms

Living in just 250 square feet is hard. Unless you know how to handle it. Christian Schallert took a small space


Living In A Tiny 90 Sq. Foot Apartment In Manhattan

This video from a year ago just had a viral surge being posted on sites like Gawker. Felice Cohen wanted


The Music Box – Short Film About Musical Apartment

A young man is in search of a new apartment. He finds one that seems great, but when he finds