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Doomsday Prepping To The Max

An apocalypse is upon us any moment now, or at least more and more people like to think so. This


8 Houses That Are Zombie Proof

We all know that the zombie apocalypse will be coming eventually (but not when...), so if you need to prepare


What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?

As humans, we tend to be pretty self-centered. We think the entire world is ours to do with as we


Brothers Pranks Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

It's the job of every older brother to prank their baby sister. And Cabot Phillips takes his role very seriously. So after


Stephen Colbert Makes An End Of The World Video After Stock Market Computers Crash

The news likes to put up pictures and videos of traders apparently buying and selling stocks on the trading floor


Erupting Volcano In Chile Looks Like The End Of The World

The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile has erupted. Even though it is the most active volcano in Chile, the eruption


Wyoming Pileup In April Looks Like The Apocalypse

Most of the country is enjoying the warmer spring air, but Wyoming was just hit before the weekend by a


Zombie Apocalypse Prank

The pranking couple of Prank vs Prank are famous online for pulling quick ones on each other. But for their latest stunt


Steadfast Stanley Is The Dog That Won’t Let Even A Zombie Apocalypse Stand In His Way

Steadfast Stanley may seem like any ol' dog, but he's actually quite special. He's only a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but when


UPS Man Stumbles Upon Apocalyptic Scene

Youtuber OutdoorsPOV is a UPS man who delivers to the same nursing hospital on a daily basis. But today was not like


Noah Official Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming faith based film, Noah, has gone viral! The apocalyptic Bible movie tells the notorious story of the


TED Talk For Zombies Parody

The much anticipated Apocalypse has finally come! Now that the zombies have taken over in its wake, the zombies need innovative