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Introduction To Super Mario Run

I am really excited to get my hand(s) on the new "Super Mario Run", which is going to be released


UW Madison Snapchat Love Story

Just when you thought you were on top of all the 'cool' smartphone apps a new one pops up to become


If Video Game Characters Used Tinder

What if video game characters had smartphones? They would most likely use the popular dating app Tinder. The video game


Why Uber Is Terrible

For years, if you wanted a ride somewhere you had to call or hail a cab. At best, the experience


Kelly Clarkson Sings Tinder Profiles

Jimmy Kimmel might not be an expert, but he knows that Tinder is one of the smartphone world's most popular hookup apps.


Conan And Billy Eichner Join Grindr

Before the online dating app Tinder was even an idea, Grindr was already a powerful force in the gay community.


Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates

As most people now know, Tinder is the extremely popular dating 'hookup' app that connects you with people in your


SnapChat Introduces Snapcash To Easily Send Cash To Friends

Western Union is soo last century. The popular instant messaging app Snapchat has just debuted their latest feature that allows users to easily


Handwrytten Robot Typewriter Writes What You Type

As we continue into the future, people often look back into the past and romanticize the simpler days. Like writing someone


PhotoMath Smartphone Calculator App Can Solve Any Math Problem

First there was the pocket calculator, and arithmetic became easier. Then scientific calculators helped with algebra. But now, everything in math class


Japanese Social Mood Sharing App Comes With Tail That Wags With Your Mood

Leave it to Japan to be the origins for this most ridiculous product and commercial. Neuro Wear made a social mood


Bypass Lane App Commercial

Both the best and worst part of going to a baseball game is the concession stand. The game just isn't