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Noah ‘Apparently Kid’ Goes To The Texas State Fair

Remember Noah Ritter, the adorable kid who went viral after being on the local news for saying 'apparently' over and…

Apparently Kid Stars Is First Ever TV Commercial

Apparently Kid exploded online after his adorable local news internet went viral. His hilarious video stands with over 15 million…

Ellen Meets The ‘Apparently’ Kid

Noah Ritter was once just your everyday kid. But then he had an interview on TV during a state fair…

Apparently Kid Songify Auto Tune Remix

'Apparently Kid' is the Web's latest favorite character. So it's no surprise Web users swarmed auto tune masters The Gregory Brothers with…

‘Apparently Kid’ Has The Cutest News Interview Ever

Reporter Sofia Ojeda of WNEP had no idea when she started an interview with a cute kid at the Wayne County Fair that…



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