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Google Auto Completer April Fools Video

The Google video for Gmail Motion was a viral hit. It was also a very funny April Fools prank on…

Three Years Of Angry Dad’s Sink Sprayer Prank Reactions

For three years, son pulled the classic kitchen sink sprayer prank on his dad for April Fools. Now dad isn't…

Gmail Motion April Fools Joke

Google isn't all serious business. They know how to have fun, and in honor and April Fools, they introduced Gmail…

Improv Everywhere Fake Jar Jar Binks Fight April Fools Trick

For April Fools, ImprovEverywhere made a double shocking video. First, as they usually do, an actor went on the NYC…

April Fools Pointless Wallet Video

To prank the Internet on April Fools, people on sites like Reddit are giving immense traffic to this bizarre, boring, and…


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