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Woman’s April Fool’s Prank That She Murdered Her Husband Ends With Police

April Fool's has been a been a big hit online, but one must be careful not to take the jokes…

99 April Viral Videos In One Compilation

French YouTuber Tohom Fr sorted through countless viral videos from the past month, and compiled the best 99 into this ultimate viral…

April Fail Compilation

Keeping up with all the Fail videos out there is near impossible, so dedicated fail compilation channel MonthlyFails does the work for…

April Fail Compilation

Feel like you missed some of April's best FAIL videos? Then watch the latest FAIL compilation video of all the…

Improv Everywhere Fake Jar Jar Binks Fight April Fools Trick

For April Fools, ImprovEverywhere made a double shocking video. First, as they usually do, an actor went on the NYC…

April Fools Pointless Wallet Video

To prank the Internet on April Fools, people on sites like Reddit are giving immense traffic to this bizarre, boring, and…



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