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Millionaire Korean Man Spends His Time Picking Up Trash In Bahrain

Bahraini YouTuber Omar was tipped off by a friend to an interesting story that he had to check out for himself at dawn.…

Syrian Father Is Dramatic Reunited With Son Thought To Be Dead After Chemical Attack

In case you've been living under a rock, a brutal and bloody civil war has been raging in the Middle…

Twelve Year Old Egyptian Boy Explains What’s Wrong With The Country

Egypt has been in the news for months, but more recently, the biggest story has been about Muslim Brotherhood president…

Iranian Oil Platform Sinks In Arabian Gulf

Reportedly, this video by roseegg1 shows a giant Iranian gas platforms sinking in the Arabian Gulf. No further explanation is given as the platform covered…

Arab Girls Play With Fennec Fox In The Desert

This adorable video by عاشق سفر was posted online in 2011, but has recently enjoyed a surge of viral viewership. Two young…



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