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Gamer Explains How To Bring Up Secret Menu On Mortal Kombat Arcade

Back in the day there were a few games at the arcade that everyone wanted to play. One of those


Gamer Performs Flawless Race Playing Initial D Arcade

You could say Josh is a master video game driver. In this video posted by his sister Jodice, he plays one of the


Caine’s Arcade Follow Up Short Film

Every once and a while, a video truly goes viralviral, and becomes an international sensation. A favorite from five months


Caine’s Arcade Short Film

Nine year old Caine's dad owns a used auto parts store in East LA that has grown into more of


Super Fast Kid Dominates Arcade Basketball Game

Young people may be moving away from the arcades to their living rooms and bedrooms thanks to hi-def online gaming


Asian Gamer Takes Arcade Gun Game Very Seriously

Most gamers like to play gun games at the arcade because of the added realism. But no one takes it


Kid Fast Shooting Alternating Hands At Arcade Basketball Game

Most kids need two hands to shoot one ball. This guy alternates between hands for maximum efficiency. And what does


Girl Shoots Rapid Fire Perfect Basketball Arcade Game

In just sixty seconds this girl shoots over 100 shots. That's more than one per second.  She doesn't miss one! Jordan