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Archer’s ‘Eggs Woodhouse’ In Real Life

This looks really gross! YouTuber Andrew Rea did make a real life version of the infamous "Eggs Woodhouse" from the


The Archer’s Paradox Explained

Back in the day, archers were an integral part of any army. But once guns were invented, the skill of


Kid Performs Perfect Over The Shoulder No look Bow And Arrow Shot

Logan Miller is just a kid, but he's a better archer than most adults. In this mind blowing video, he performs


Amazing Archery Shots In Slow Motion

Dustin of Smarter Every Day met one of the most amazing archers in the world. Byron Ferguson isn't world famous or anything,


Danish Archer Is The Greatest Archer Of Our Time

Like most things historical, Hollywood has completely messed up the history of archery. Most people assume archers had a quiver


Archery Trick Shots

The trick shot obsessed boys of Dude Perfect have performed nearly every kind of trick shot imaginable. They've done Frisbees, hockey,


Archer Danger Zone Top Gun Homage

What Generation X or Y-er doesn't have the Top Gun theme song Danger Zone burned into their memory? Knowing this, popular FX animated


Lars Andersen Is Fastest Archer In World

Archery was replaced centuries ago with the invention of the musket. Today, archery is a only performed as sport, but


Archery Master Shows Off Her Speed And Skill

This video from last May just went #viralviral now, and is featured on  and FunnyAndSpicy. Russian archery master Iza Privezenceva shows