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Cooking Steaks And Baking Cookies In Arizona Heat

It's no surprise that it gets hot in Arizona in the summer. It is of course the desert. But the


Man Rescues Puppy In Canyon Short Film

This short film was published in 2013, but it has only gone viral now with over half a million new


Pug Daringly Picks Fight With Police K-9 Dog During SWAT Team Standoff

ABC15 Arizona reports that during a four hour stand off with an armed suspect in Phoenix, Arizona, the SWAT team was attacked


Trampoline Cliff Jumping

Graham Merwin and his buddies set up a giant trampoline at Clear Creek in Winslow, Arizona. After partying, jumping, and swimming for


Gangnam Style Dance Party On Parking Garage Roof Causes Ceiling To Visibly Shake

Last week, Capncrunch10 published this outrageous Gangnam Style dance video which now has over 2.6 million views. In the short clip that is


Driver Is Allowed Through After Refusing To Answer Police At US Citizen Check Point In Arizona

America's illegal immigration problem is a politically polarizing issue, but most would agree that stopping everyone at mulitiple check points


Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera Close Up

MegaTJMiller says an AH1 Cobra helicopter was being used for filming in a recent Korean Top Gear episode and crash landed on


Tornado Siren Goes Off At Wedding When Pastor Asks Why This Couple Should Not Be Joined Together

It's a tradition for the person officiating a wedding to ask if anyone has cause for this couple to not


Huge Sand Storm Interrupts Arizona Wedding

What could be more beautiful and memorable than getting married outside in Arizona. There's no worry about rain or bad


Streaker At UCLA VS Arizona Football Game

Remember when a fan ran onto the field in a referee costume and caused a brawl between UCLA and Arizona?


Driving Into Phoenix Sand Storm

An enormous sand storm struck Phoenix Arizona on July 5th and enveloped the city. While most people were rushing to


Sand Storm Over Downtown Phoenix

On July 5th, a huge sand storm over took downtown Phoenix, Arizona. It looks like a scene straight out of