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The Michelangelo Of Microsoft Excel

For many of us, Microsoft Excel is just some complicated office software. You're lucky if you even know how to


Microsoft Paint Is Essential Software For Every Artist

And this is why - how cool is this!? [embed][/embed]


Difficult Art

Is this a television? Where are the moving images?


Kids Describe Their Parents To An Illustrator

"We're going to do some art of course, what does your mom look like?" "She's smoking a cigarette." [embed][/embed]


The Mysterious Life Of Artist Bob Ross

You've probably heard of Bob Ross, but how well did you really know this artistic celebrity?


Cirque Du Pizza. Yes, It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

Pizza is a delicious kind of food. Everybody knows that. But did you know pizza makes for excellent tricks and


Awesome New Record For Longest Domino Line

The days when domino was a lame hobby are long gone--it's challenging, fun and requires insane amounts of discipline. These


Concrete Mixer Made Into A Huge Disco Ball

This is so cool! French artist Benedetto Bufalino made a disco ball out of a concrete mixer. This should be


Life-Size Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Made Of Balloons

Wow, this is epic! Coolest Thing tells us the story of this giant Tyrannosaurus Rex made out of lots and


Blind People Describe Loved Ones To A Sculptor

Watch this very touching video from Cut showing some blind people visiting sculptor Pamela Mummy, who portraits people with clay


Kurt Quinn Shows Us How To Perfectly Draw Eyes

This is pretty awesome! Haven't thought about that technique of Kurt Quinn, it really makes drawing so much more fun!


Epic Paint Super Soaker Battle

YouTuber Mark Rober modified some Super Soakers and filled a room with paint - with a little help of Colin