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Cutting Tomato Backwards

This video was posted online last November, but it has only gone viral now with over a quarter million new


Bob Ross Makes A Super Mario Level

Like Mister Rogers, Bob Ross has become so much more than his original show on public television. Viewers remember his series for the relaxed atmosphere


Man Performs Stunning Recreations Of Sounds Of Nature On Georgia’s Got Talent

It's been a while since a video from the countless Got Talent shows around the world went viral. It seemed


Guy Perfectly Spoofs Every Slam Poem Ever

When the Internet was just getting started, short clips of slam poetry was one of the most popular things to


Spiral Catherine Wheel Fireworks In Slow Motion

Everyone knows that fireworks always look better in slow motion. For their latest project, The Slow Mo Guys took a simple


Adventurer Hikes From Canada To Mexico

Have you ever sat in your car during rush hour traffic to and from work and just dreamed of leaving


How To Make A Ball Out Of A Block Of Wood Is Mesmerizing

Woodworking master Matthias Wandel demonstrates his impressive skills in this new video. Using some simple tools he turns a block of wood into


Building Woodshop Stop Motion Is Far More Entertaining Than Expected

Last spring, Hampton Rutland was busying trying to finish his woodshop. He got a bunch of slabs of reclaimed wood from his


The Imperial March In Major Key Sounds Delightfully Upbeat

Star Wars has some of the world's most iconic soundtracks and theme music. It's hard to find anyone in the


Digital Art On Woman’s Face Will Blow Your Mind

What was once only imaginable in science fiction movies is quickly becoming accessible, everyday technology. Intel demonstrates the power of their real


Every Best Visual Effects Winner Ever

Special effects have been around since the dawn of film. Movies like The Matrix and Star Wars are famous for


What’s Your Biggest Regret

A Plus had a great idea. They set up a large chalk board on a busy street in New York City