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Should You Hover Over A Public Toilet Seat

We've all been there. You really have to go to the bathroom, but the public toilet looks nastier than a biohazard.


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The Science Of Laziness

Ahh, it's finally the lazy weekend. But what is it about lounging around doing nothing that feels so darn good?


Why Are Babies So Cute

Babies are adorable! But why? Even non-human babies make most people go gaga over the cuteness. What about nearly all


What If You Stopped Drinking Water

Every living organism required water. So what happens if you stopped drinking H2O completely? Asap SCIENCE covers the long, painful process


Why Do We Yawn?

Yawning. We all do it, but why? And why is it contagious. For some people just reading the word can


The Diet Of An Olympian

We all require food and water to live, but Olympic athletes need a very special diet to fuel their bodies


Why Do We Get Nervous?

We all get nervous before an important job interview, test, or race. But why? Asap SCIENCE explains that our bodies cope


Can Music Improve Athletic Performance?

Athletes will try anything to increase their edge over the competition. Could it be possible that music can improve athletic


How Olympian Bodies Have Changed Over The Decades

Even though humans as a species haven't evolved that dramatically over the years, Olympians sure look different than they did


Amazing Olympic Facts

Did you know the first place winners at the Olympics don't really receive a gold medal? It's actually sterling silver


Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

Back in the day, video games of course rotted brain cells. Every parent knew that. But recently, more and more