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Chinese Fish Magic

A Chinese magician who made his fish swim in formation and pulled off other fish tricks is under controversy in China.…

Market Place On Live Train Tracks

This  famous market is known as "folding Umbrella market". The train tracks that run through the middle of the market are…

Asian Biker Hit By Car, Ninja 360 Flips, Jumps Off On Feet

A biker in China crashes at high speeds, and pulls a 360 flip off his bike as it's colliding. He…

Chinese Steve Jobs

I guess china copies everything. Even your CEO. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband, cause they copyin…

Thailand Anti-Cell Phone Commercial: Disconnect To Connect

In this commercial, we are shown person after person alone on their smart phones, with objects that seem to move…

Asian Multi Cell Phone Light Up Wedding Proposal

These super nerds take tons of cell phones and proper algorithms to makes the coolest self made light up show…

Asian Teacher Smashes Student’s Phone – FAKE Viral Video

A video of an Asian teacher smashing a student's cell phone because he was talking in class is going viral.…

Fat Huge Chinese Cat

This fat cat puts Garfield to shame.

Crazy Asian Lady Screaming On Subway Train – ‘You Pregnant’

I really have no idea what this woman is screaming or what she wants. She may just be greatly disturbed,…

FEU Cheering Squad Performance – UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2010

Who said cheer leading wasn't a sport? This takes intense skill, strength, and coordination. The Far Eastern University takes first…



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