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If Australia Is A Continent, Then Why Isn’t Greenland One?

The rules of geography are pretty complicated, and therefor you'd make a solid case when you say Greenland has every


It Is Astonishingly Soothing To Watch This Road Being Paved

Within two days 4.9 kilometers of road have been completed this smooth way in the Australian Outback. Shire of Moora

Slackline at Moai Tower

105 feet above air, slackliner Ryan Paul Robinson balances between the rocks at the formation called "Moai Tower" in the


Margot Robbie Defines Australian Slang Terms

It's a funny thing traveling to England or Australia from the States. Even though we all speak English there are


Driving A Landcruiser Through A Deep Pond

The Toyota Landcruiser is famous around the world as one of the most versatile and tough SUV's around. But Toyota might


Student Troll Professor During Class With Online Poll

Every Internet veteran knows that online polls are some of the most popular places for trolls to play and mess around.


River Monsters Crew Saves Lost Fisherman

While recording in Australia for the show River Monsters, the Animal Planet crew made an incredible discovery near the beach. A stranded


Out Of Control Semi-Truck Just Misses Parked Truck

An Aussie truck driver was traveling down the road when he pulled up to see a fallen tree blocking the


Aussie Teens Go Crabbing By Hand And Have Seafood BBQ

Even though it's nearly March, it's still pretty cold and nasty outside. Not so in Australia where it is averaging


Aussie Road Train Driver Demonstrates How To Drive Through Gate

Things are a little different down under. As their rail-system is slightly lacking, and most of the country is empty,


Daring Australian Boy Captures Sting Ray Mother Right Before She Gives Birth

What is up with these daring Australians? It seems they love getting themselves into very dangerous situation with wild animals. Miller


Cute Kid Adorably Sings Australian National Anthem With Hiccups

It takes serious guts for anyone to sing the national anthem in front of a large crowd. It's an even