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Surfing At Night Wearing Neon Lights

Seventeen Australian surfers went out to Sydney’s Bondi Beach with a very cool and unique idea. They retro fitted their boards and even


Occupy Melbourne Protesters Wear Their Tents To Avoid Arrest

The Occupy protests that originated near Wall Street in New York City back in September continues on, and has turned


Men In Gorilla Suits Trick Zoo Guests

The nice people at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Australia played along with Hamish and Andy who wanted to prank zoo guests.


Cat Waits For Owner Everyday At Train Station

A cat in Australia has become a small town celebrity for always hanging around a train platform. Every morning and afternoon commuters


Brazilian Girl With Clef Lip Gets Free Corrective Plastic Surgery

Being born with a clef lip can crush a child's spirits and cause other physical problems too. But in poor


Iraqi Orphan With No Hands Wows X Factor Audience Singing Imagine

There are many sad, and tragic stories on the X Factor, but this story really tugs on your heart strings.


Low Budget Hostel Commercial

After an employee of 790 on George was told to make a commercial for the establishment, but was not given


Australian Today Morning Show Shark Report Awkwardly Falls Apart

I wish we had Australian TV here in America, even though it may not be as 'clean' and 'sleek', it's


Asian Aquarium Owner Tells Fish Joke After Aquarium Hit By Car

An Australian newscast covers a story about a car hitting an aquarium in Sydney. But the owner's reaction is what


News Anchors Fails At Telling Joke To The Dalai Lama

News anchor Karl of Australia's Today Show had the privilege to talk to and interview the world famous Dalai Lama. At one point Karl


Amazing Super Slow Motion Carlton Draught Beer Commercial

This Australian beer commercial for Carlton Draught was posted last year, but just became popular now and is going viral.


Water Tornado In Australia

RussiaToday showcases this shocking video recorded by Australia's Channel 7 of a dramatic waterspout, or simply a water tornado. The weather