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Boaters Are Chased By Speeding Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus has a reputation for being fat and slow, probably because of cartoons. But in reality they are very


Australian Firefighter Wearing GoPro Battles Bush Fire

Fires are always a serious matter, but it extremely dry Australia they can be devastating if not quickly contained. Yesterday, volunteer


Kangaroo Punches Drone Out Of Sky

Quadcopter drones are becoming more and more common these days. Many people are unhappy with this modern technology as they


Aussie Purposefully Doesn’t Rhyme In No Rhyme Rap

Australian comedian Troy Kinne has noticed that a lot of rappers these days have become lazy by barely rhyming their lyrics


Seinfeld In The Australian Parliament

Seinfeld may have ended over fifteen years ago, but incredibly, it is still on the air. The Internet was only


Man Starts Dance Party On Australian Train

There are unspoken rules about traveling on public transportation. You're supposed to sit in your seat quietly, and never make


Two Kangaroos Fight In Australian Town

In America, it's not common, but not unheard of to discover a deer or even a bear roaming through a


Trying Out The New McDonald’s Gourmet Burger In Australia

Fast foods fans rejoiced after hearing the news that McDonald's has debuted a brand new gourmet hamburger item on their


Australians Taste Test American Sweets

America is known around the world for our action packed Hollywood films, muscle cars, and... junk food! Everyone knows Americans


Aussie Dad Scores Impossible Behind The Back Basketball Shot

Scoring a behind the back basketball shot is one thing. But this Australian dad just took things to the next


Kids React To Vegemite

American children are lucky enough to be ignorant of the Australian concoction that is Vegemite. The pungent, salty food paste is a


Techno PVC Pipe Instrument Street Performance

Jake, also known as The Pipe Guy, has gone viral with this epic performance he put on at Rundle Mall in Adelaide,