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Toddler With Autism Falls In Love With Snow White At Walt Disney World

Everyone with an autistic person in their life knows that one of the most obvious side effects of the disorder is the difficulty to


Garbage Man Giving Boy With Autism Toy Garbage Truck Will Warm Your Heart

Five year old Daniel has autism and absolutely loves garbage trucks. Watching the weekly garbage pickup has become a comforting ritual


Experience Autism At The Cafe

Autism is a disorder that affects countless people, yet most have no idea what those who struggle with the restrictive


What It’s Like To Have A Brother With Autism

Spencer Timme published this touching short film in January, but it is trending now. He talks about his special relationship with


Jodi DiPiazza Performs Firework With Katy Perry At Night Of Too Many Stars

Comedy Central will be airing a Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs special on Sunday, October 21 at


Overly Attached Girl Debuts ‘Dare To Share’ Charity

Viral video Internet star Overly Attached Girlfriend is turning her Internet fame into a greater force for good. With the helpful


Meet Anthony – 24 Year Old With Autism Starts Delivery Business

Anthony is a 24 year old is autism. He lives in Edmonton, Canada, and dreams of running his own successful


Blind Autistic Boy Enjoys Street Guitar Performance

Blues bellower Tyler Gregory was busking on the streets on Lawrence, Kansas like he usually does when he was approached by a


Autistic Six Year Old Plays Piano Man

It's no secret that people with autism often express amazing musical talent. And so is the case with six year


Mute Autistic Girl Breaks Her Silence Using A Computer

This video from an older 20/20 ABC segment just went viral in the past couple days. ABC's John McKenzie covers