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Toddler With Autism Falls In Love With Snow White At Walt Disney World

Everyone with an autistic person in their life knows that one of the most obvious side effects of the disorder is the difficulty to


Jodi DiPiazza Performs Firework With Katy Perry At Night Of Too Many Stars

Comedy Central will be airing a Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs special on Sunday, October 21 at


Blind Autistic Boy Enjoys Street Guitar Performance

Blues bellower Tyler Gregory was busking on the streets on Lawrence, Kansas like he usually does when he was approached by a


Autistic Six Year Old Plays Piano Man

It's no secret that people with autism often express amazing musical talent. And so is the case with six year


Crowd Helps Autistic Man Sing National Anthem At Baseball Game

A lucky man was given the chance to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game. He's autistic, and did