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Bernie Sanders VS Hillary Clinton Auto Tune Mash Up

The Gregory Brothers, famous for auto tuning the news and creating stunning music, are back now that the election season is


The Building Is On Fire Auto Tune Remix

It's been a long while since the Web has seen a local news report interview go viral. But it's been


Shia LaBeouf Motivational Speech Auto Tune Music Video

People are still posting parodies and spoofs online ever since a short film of Shia LaBeouf giving an extended motivational


Weatherman Freaking Out Over ‘Thundersnow’ Auto Tune Remix

Just last weekend, The Weather Channel went viral when their video of meteorologist Jim Cantore freaking out over thundersnow hit the Web.


Inspiring Postgame Speech Auto Tuned

East View Patriots wide receiver Apollos Hester instantly went viral after his inspirational postgame speech hit the Web. That video


America Gone To Pot Auto Tune The News

The Gregory Brothers, also known as Schmoyoho, have returned to their roots to produce another Auto Tune The News video


Flying Robot Auto Tune The News

Schmoyoho, AKA the Gregory Brothers, have looked inwards and found their roots, finally debuting a new Auto Tune The News


PSY Cameos In ‘DJ Play My Song’ By Gregory Brothers And DeStorm

DJ's are often introduced into pop music lyrics when the author runs out of words that will rhyme. The singer will


The History Of YouTube By The Gregory Brothers

In honor of YouTube turning eight years old today, the world's most popular video sharing site recruited Auto Tune The


Charles Ramsey Autotune Remix

Everyone expected it. After Charles Ramsey saved Amanda Berry and the other trapped girls he instantly became an American and Internet


The War On Drugs Is a Failure Auto Tune The News

In order to celebrate 4-20 in style, The Gregory Brothers, aka the Auto Tune The News guys, made this music video


The Kai Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker Remix

Kai, the homeless hatchet wielding hitchhiking hippie, continues to trend. After originally going viralviral after being featured in a local