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Hitcher Hiker Smashes Crazy Man Claiming To Be Jesus Auto Tune Remix

These days, it's basically expected that after an obscure news clip goes viral, the famous music masters at Auto Tune


Auto Tune The News Superbowl Superfan Supercut On Jimmy Fallon

In honor of the upcoming Superbowl, Jimmy Fallon worked with the famous Auto Tune The News guys to produce a


Mitt Romney Sings His Concession Speech Parody

Naturally, the musical nerdy Gregory Brothers, who are most famous for their Auto Tune The News series, jumped on the


Third Presidential Debate Songified Auto Tune Remix

The presidential debates are finally over, so the Internet famous Gregory Brothers can finally stop 'songifying' them. And they've gone


Town Hall Presidential Debate Songified Auto Tune Remix

The Gregory Brother stayed up all night 'songifying' the oral duels of the first presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate, Naturally, the remixes went viral. As


First Presidential Debate Songified

The Gregory Brothers originally got their first kick off auto-tuning the news and recent political events for their Auto-Tune The News series.


Muffins In Congress Songify The News

The Gregory Brothers originally went viral with their Auto Tune The News series 10,000 light-years in Internet time. Thankfully, the


Gingers Do Have Souls Auto Tune The News Remix

The creative musicians at Auto Tune The News have returned with a brand new series, Songify the classics. For their


Taxi Dave Black And Yellow Auto Tune Remix

Taxi Dave recently went viral when his outrageous self promoting Black and Yellow spoof song hit the blogosphere. Now, the world


Auto-Tune The News: Legalize Everything

Faux Senator Jefferson Einstein from Auto-tune The News performs a very special song at a Republican Nominee debate about his libertarian views.


Get Money – Political Debates Auto Tune The News Remix

Everyday there seems to be another debate for the Republican Presidential Nominee, and people are getting sick of watching them.


Chuck Testa Auto Tune Remix

Chuck Testa went viral back in September, but YouTube's most famous auto-tuners, Auto Tune The News, just released their auto