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Johnny Depp Acting Bizzare At Hollywood Film Awards

The 2014 Hollywood Film Awards on CBS had dismal ratings this year, but the award show has been trending over the weekend


Weird Al Yankovic Performs Emmy Show Theme Songs At The 2014 Emmys

Weird Al Yankovic has been trending a lot recently thanks to his extremely popular new album, Mandatory Fun. So it


Robin Williams Tribute At The 2014 Emmys

The world was shocked when we learned that Robin Williams had passed away. We were all even more shaken up


Ellen Unveils The Behind The Scenes At The Oscars

The Academy Awards is one of television's most watched annual programs. The glitz, the glamour, viewers can't get enough.  As Ellen was


The 86th Oscars In Under 2 Minutes

Did you have time to watch the entire Academy Awards last night? In case you missed any of the celebrity excitement, Digg put


Reese Witherspoon Teleports At Independent Spirit Awards

Remember, everything you see on television is real. Especially live events. Nothing is fake.  Mediocre Bowl demonstrates just how untrue this


Sacha Baron Cohen Knocks Elderly Woman In Wheel Chair Off Stage At 2013 Britannia Awards

This BBC America clip from this year's  featuring world famous prankster Sacha Baron Cohen is understood as an obvious setup by veteran Internet


Eminem Performs ‘Rap God’ At YouTube Music Awards

The YouTube Music Awards have already come and gone. Did you miss the show? One of the highlights from the


Andy Samberg Opening Monologue At Independent Spirit Awards

NSFW - laguage  The 2013 Independent Spirit Awards were held last Saturday, and aired on IFC. SNL famous Andy Samberg opened with


Independent Spirit Awards Bad Lip Reading

The web's favorite, and arguably only, Bad Lip Reading channel has returned to serve up another delicious smorgasbord of BLR delights.  The


Ali G Wins British Comedy Awards 2012

It was around ten years ago that British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen took the comedy world by storm, playing famous


PSY And MC Hammer Perform Gangnam Style-2 Legit 2 Quit Mash Up At American Music Awards

Naturally, at last night's American Music Awards, Korean super star PSY and his hit single Gangnam Style was the center of the show. But