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Blind Man Hitting In Batting Cage

You wouldn't think someone who is blind could play baseball, but don' tell that to a blind person. No matter…

Epic Car Burnout Leaves Flaming Tire Tracks

Damn! That reminds me of Back To The Future. A classic muscle car makes serious smoke, then pulls out, leaving…

Grand Valley State Lip Sync Come Sail Away Music Video One Take

No one can out perform Eric Cartman, but the Grand Valley State University students do a great job. In one…

Guy Does Sexy 20’s Dance To Catgroove By Parov Stelar

This song Catgroove by Parov Stelar is great, and this guy has got the moves! He's wearing a baller hat…

Epic Race Car Stunt Driving

This guy must be the one who does all those amazing stunts in James Bond movies and the like. Some…


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