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Animals Hugging Humans

If you own a pet, I'm sure you love to hug it. A lot. But did you know there are…

Cat Steals Food From Table

As a cat's owner, you ought to know you have to pay attention at all times. Your socks may go…

The Apple Addicted Elephant

There are few things Lily the elephant wouldn't do for that sweet apple flavour. I'll eat my apple first before…

Dogs Welcome Their Owner Home

If you've ever owned a dog you know one of the best moments is when you, the owner, returns home.…

There Can Only Be One Good Girl

It's just sinking in that there is competition on the block now. Put your best paw forward, doggy friend, you…

Parenting Dog Has A Hard Time Letting Go Of Her Baby

Remember when your parents were overly protective of you? Put on sixteen layers of clothing when it was cold outside,…

Kitten Needs Constant Attention

Cats can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When they are the former, be prepared to smother them…

Unreal Dad’s Instinct

They say becoming a dad changes a man's life. They might be onto something, as we see here. This young…

Animals Are Peculiar Jumpers

They either very good at it, or they just suck balls. [embed][/embed]

Songs With My Daughter

This is the sweetest duet you'll ever see. It won't be long until they will look back her high school…

Who That Guy?!

Dog needs his nose to know who he's dealing with. [embed][/embed]

The Cutest Skinny Pig Ever

I'm usually not the biggest skinny pig fan, but this one has a special place in my heart! [embed][/embed]


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