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Happy Weekend

Start the weekend with a goofy little smile!

Finally Freedom!

This pig family is happier than ever with their new home! [embed][/embed]

Intimate Otter Sessions

The most intimate massage you'll ever see between a human and an animal. [embed][/embed]

Daughter Scares Dad During Video Game

Sometimes video games are more intense than your own children. [embed][/embed]

Raccoon Washing His Grapes

Who knew they were so conscious about their food! [embed][/embed]

Swine Stampede

Life is mud and mud is life! [embed][/embed]

And A New Picasso Was Born

With a reaction like this you just know there are some crazy talents inside this young fellow. [embed][/embed]

Flirting Dog

Yeah, you like that phat booty? *winks*

Nothing But Smiles

Cats in the news isn't very ordinary, so when it happens there is nothing but smiles. [embed][/embed]

Shadow Monster

Monsters come from where you least expect it.

Cutest Dog Bath

Not many dogs like bathing as much as this sweet fella. [embed][/embed]

Cat Goes To Bed

Cat is tired of it all and makes a great show of going to bed. [embed][/embed]



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