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We Are So Young Parody Pop Music Video

Parody musical group The Axis of Awesome has the incredible ability to dissect the most popular singers and groups of today and…

The Axis of Awesome Rage of Thrones Music Video

NSFW language It's no secret that HBO's Game Of Thrones is one of the web's current obsessions.  Hilarious Aussie band Axis Of Awesome--best…

Axis Of Awesome In The Club Tonight Music Video Spoofs All Club Songs That Sound The Same

The Axis Of Awesome is famous for their ultra viralviral Four Chords song that parodies countless famous pop songs that all…

Axis Of Awesome New 4 Chords Official Music Video

The Axis Of Awesome first went viral when video of their musical super mix, the 4 Chords Song, was posted online…



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