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Aziz Ansari And Jimmy Fallon Dramatically Read Bad Yelp Reviews

Aziz Ansari could read anything and it would be hilarious! The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon got him to read…

Aziz Ansari’s Saris Commercial

Looking for a great holiday gift for that special someone but can't find anything unique that sticks out from the…

Aziz Ansari On Marriage

In this hilarious excerpt from his new Netflix stand up comedy special Buried Alive debuting on November 1st, Aziz Ansari explains how…

Aziz Ansari Pranks Anderson Cooper With Look A Like

Comedian and Parks And Recreation star Aziz Ansari has been growing in popularity, and has just released his very own $5…

Aziz Ansari Remix

Aziz Ansari is a comedian quickly growing in popularity, thanks to his performance on Parks and Recreation. Relmvision is a popular remix…

30 Minutes Or Less Trailer

Jesse Eisenberg stars in his first film since The Social Network. I keep thinking he's Mark Zuckerberg. Jesse is joined by Aziz…


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