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Kangaroos in the Snow

23 August, 2019



Are Dogs Practice Babies?

In this sketch College Humor makes something already known the subject of their video: dogs as a baby replacement. This


If Men Breastfed

I never would have thought to blog a commercial about breast pumps, or that something like that could be funny.


Twin Babies Have Baby Talk Conversation With Political Subtitles

The original Twin Babies Have Baby Talk Conversation video was a viral video phenomenon. Even CNN and local TV stations picked up


Twin Babies Have Baby Talk Conversation

Two twin baby boys have a conversation that only they can truly understand. They are just old enough to stand


Two Babies Floating In Womb – Born HIV Free Commercial

This commercial is just bizarre. Two babies floating in the womb bouncing around. If the mother gets treatment there is


Babies Tasting Lemons For The First Time Montage

What's cuter than a bunch of babies? A bunch of babies tasting lemons for the first time. They frown, they



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