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Baby Got Class Back To School Song

The Holderness Family has gone viral with their hilarious spoof of the 1990's hip hop song Baby Got Back. Instead, of rapping


Brian Williams ‘Raps’ Baby Got Back

Sir Mix A Lot just recently went viral after performing his famous hit rap song Baby Got Back at the


Seattle Symphony Performs ‘Baby Got Back’ With Sir Mix-A-Lot

The Seattle Symphony broke away from the Bach and Mozart to cover some unorthodox pieces. As a part of their Sonic Evolution project,


German DJ Flula Performs Baby Got Back With Sir Mix-A-Lot In His Car

Eccentric and popular German DJ and YouTube character Flula performed another auto-tune pop song cover in his car, this time choosing


Glee Copies Jonathan Coultan’s Arrangement Of Baby Got Back

Glee is trending online as the weekend begins, and not for good reasons. Apparently, their latest cover of Baby Got Back sounds just


Impressionist Performs ‘Baby Got Back’ As Sir Ian McKellen

Remember the uber-viral video from two weeks ago which portrayed the movies singing I Like Big Butts by Sir Mix-alot? Well


Jabba’s Palace Baby Got Back Remix

The Internet has been buzzing about the new Star Wars Blu-Ray release coming soon. George Lucas has added even more


Grandparents Rap Baby Got Back

John and Evel met in the 6th grade and are 89. Their grandson showed them the lyrics to Sir Mixalot's Baby