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Baby Slo-Mo Spit Bubbles

Baby Slo-Mo Spit Bubbles

[rumble][/rumble] Jovi is now 2-years-old, he is a rough and tough little boy who knows no limits. He has overcome…

Baby Makes Hilarious Attempts To Eat A Banana While Wearing Floaties

Baby Makes Hilarious Attempts To Eat A Banana While Wearing Floaties

[rumble][/rumble] This is just a precious video that depicts an example of the adorable kind of actions that little children…

Baby Viral Video

Baby Shows Off Talent In Adorable Baby And Daddy Duet

How early do you think babies learn to communicate? The minute they come out of the womb, or does it…

Baby Laughs Like a Chipmunk

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these…

This Boxer Is Her New Best Friend

Nothing feels better as a parent than your baby and your dog getting along famously. These two are on the…

Nothing Can Beat A Baby Laugh

I mean, do I even need to add a description? You know a baby's laugh is going to cheer you…

Queen Baby The Food Critic

Don't you hate people who have something to criticise on everything you put in front of them? Well, in this…

Roomba Rodeo

This cute little baby goes on a grand adventure around the house, on his own little rodeo. Learning how to…

Is Sneezing A Sin?

Well, no. But this cute baby definitely thinks so. Well mannered as she is, she makes sure everyone knows this…

Songs With My Daughter

This is the sweetest duet you'll ever see. It won't be long until they will look back her high school…

I… Love… What?

This baby talks quite well already, but not really. [embed][/embed]

Dad Sings The Sweetest Song To Baby

And she's loving every second of it! [embed][/embed]


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