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How To Discipline Your Baby

Another issue of How To DAD's guide for a better life. This time it is all about the one thing


How To Wash A Car With A Baby

How To DAD just released a new and entertaining video. This time it is all about washing a car with


How to Go Grocery Shopping With a Baby

Another really entertaining episode by How To DAD, demonstrating us significant skills you have to have as a parent. I


Cute Baby Is Beatboxing With Her Pro Uncle

B-Art BeatBox wanted to show off some skills and pass them to his little baby niece. But as it seems,


Baby Tries Pickle First Time, Doesn’t Like It But Can’t Stop Eating

A cute little not-yet-viral video in which a nine month old baby is trying his first pickle. Doesn't really seem


Baby Steals Phone And Runs Away While Recording

Can someone please teach this kid to film horizontally?! And there are a lot of versions with added music out


Labrador Stops Newborn Baby From Crying

Peanut the Lab not only calms down this crying baby and saves the moment for the parents of him/her, not,


How To Teach A Baby To Climb A Fence

Some new material by "How To Dad" that shows not only his kid but also us all how to climb


Let’s make a baby GIF


Toddler Has The Best Answer To Moral Dilemma

E.J. Masicampo is a psychology professor who teaches a class on moral psychology. He wanted to show his class what happened when


Jason Derulo And James Corden Dance With A Toddler As Their Instructor

Back in the day, all that mattered to be a famous musician was if you could sing or not. That is


Toddler’s Hysterical Laughter Is Adorably Infectious For Entire Class

 There's always that one kid that thinks something is funny. But soon, the entire room is rolling with laughter. That's