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Bear Makes Off with Bacon

[rumble][/rumble] Arrived at our cabin in Gatlinburg. Not even 5 minutes after parking, the bear made its way up to


1000 Strip Bacon Sandwich

Epic Meal Time introduces us to the B1000, a single sandwich with 1,000 strips of bacon. Get your cardiologist on


What A Time To Be Alive

Bacon that isn't really bacon, but it's healthier and is actually a vegetable. Sign me up?!

Meme, Video

I love you future bacon


How To Make An 18th Century Breakfast

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. not only has one of the most remarkable names for a channel on YouTube, he


Baby Has The Best Reaction After Tasting Bacon For First Time

It's no secret, the Internet has a major obsession with bacon. Sure, it's full of fat and high in salt,


Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs

Everyone already knows that the Internet is completely obsessed with bacon. What's not to love about the meaty, smokey, salty,


John DiMaggio Loses Talking About Bacon Pancakes

Cereal Box was interviewing comedian and voice actor John DiMaggio and asked him if he had ever tried bacon pancakes. John simply explained


Cooking Bacon On Gun Silencer Is Pure America

Is there anything more American than big guns and smoked meat? Firearm enthusiast Dustin Ellermann loves those two things so much


Oscar Mayer Bacon Aroma Alarm Clock iPhone App Commercial

The Internet has a serious obsession with bacon. Knowing this, Oscar Mayer has created a special iPhone that also includes a fragrance


Say It With Bacon Commercial

Apparently, Oscar Mayer has learned from the viral video successes of Kmart and Grey Poupon, and has finally made a commercial specifically geared


Bacon Flavored Scope Mouthwash April Fools Commercial

April Fools is here and better than ever online. It seems the prank holiday has become second only to the