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Bad Lip Reading Of The First 2015 Democratic Debate

With the end of 2015 near, everyone has an eye on the upcoming presidential election. All of the debates for both


Bad Lip Reading Of The 2015 Republican Debate

After a long hiatus, the Internet's most popular lip dub channel, Bad Lip Reading, has returned. As most viewers already know,


Bad Lip Reading Of Marvel’s The Avengers

The ultra popular parody series that perfectly takes the words from original videos and replaces them with ridiculous nonsense is finally back.


Bad Lip Reading Of The 2014- 2015 NFL Season

Bad Lip Reading is one of the Web's most popular YouTube channels, and almost always goes viral when they debut a


More Bad Lip Reading From Hunger Games Catching Fire

Popular parody channel Bad Lip Reading has become a little bit obsessed with The Hunger Games. After the viral success of their first


Bad Lip Reading Of The Walking Dead

As most fans already know, The Walking Dead will be returning for a fifth season in mid October. In that


Bad Lip Reading Of American Idol

American Idol used to be the biggest, most exciting talent show on TV. Now, the show has grown old and


Bad Lip Reading Of Twilight Eclipse

The Internet's favorite Bad Lip Reading series has returned to cover a movie that most viewers have already forgotten about, Twilight


Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL Part 2

Bad Lip Reading, the Web's most popular lip dub parody channel, has been on hiatus for quite some time. But


Bad Lip Reading Of Game Of Thrones

Mega popular Internet channel Bad Lip Reading has finally returned, this time focusing its ridiculous attention of the acclaimed Game Of Thrones series. 


The Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading Spoof

Zombie focused The Walking Dead continues to be one of the most popular action-dramas on cable television. Being that popular, it's a


Independent Spirit Awards Bad Lip Reading

The web's favorite, and arguably only, Bad Lip Reading channel has returned to serve up another delicious smorgasbord of BLR delights.  The