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Bad Lip Reading Of Inauguration 2013

The genius comedians at Bad Lip Reading continue to 'treat' popular televised events with their purposefully terrible lip reading skills. Naturally, they


NFL Bad Lip Reading

Popular lip dubbing channel Bad Lip Reading has finally veered away from all the political parodying now that the 2012 election has


Bad Lip Reading Of One Direction

Ever popular Bad Lip Reading has reimagined British pop band One Direction in their latest lip dub parody. Instead of just dubbing


Bad Lip Reading of The Twilight New Moon

Twilight is the hit movie series everyone loves, or loves to hate. Finally, all the films have been released, and


Bad Lip Reading Of The First Presidential Debate

Bad Lip Reading, the YouTube channel that puts very incorrect words into famous people's mouths, continues to grow in popularity. So naturally,


Bad Lip Reading Of Paul Ryan

The popular Bad Lip Reading has spoofed nearly every big politician already this election cycle. The last person left was Paul Ryan,


Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading

The hype surrounding the summer blockbuster The Hunger Games has obviously waned, but that doesn't mean it's no longer popular with nerds.  The


Bad Lip Reading Of Twilight

Bad Lip Reading has become a staple online for their spot on spoofs and nonsensical reading of famous lips. Their latest


More Mitt Romney Bad Lip Reading

With everyday bringing election time closer and closer, the spot light now has a permanent spot on Republican presidential nominee


Bush And Clinton Bad Lip Reading

President George W Bush and Bill Clinton created the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to raise charity after the devastating earthquakes that struck the tiny


Bad Lip Reading Of Hot Problems

Hopefully, after the nightmare that was Friday, the Internet has learned it's lesson. But has it? When a second girl-with-no-talent-wanna-be-a-pop-princess


Bad Lip Reading Joe Biden

Popular political parody channel BadLipReading has returned with their latest victim. Vice President Joe Biden. The VP is already so prone to gaffes,