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Rick Santorum Bad Lip Reading

Even though Florida chose Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nominee, the race is only getting started. BadLipReading has covered almost all


Herman Cain Bad Lip Reading

All the other Bad Lip Reading videos of politicians in the 2012 race went viral, so now it's Herman Cain's turn.


Mitt Romney Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading is a simple concept. Take a serious person giving a serious speech, and dub ridiculous audio over.


Michele Bachmann Bad Lip Reading

Michele Bachmann already is the current queen of gaffs and public mistakes. So it's not that hard to imagine her talking like


Bad Lip Reading Of Barack Obama

It was fun to hear Rick Perry chatter on about nonsense when he was given the Bad Lip Reading treatment.


Bad Lip Reading Of Rick Perry Campaign Commercial

Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential campaign is in full swing. Though his first campaign commercial already went viral, this one


Bad Lip Reading – Ludacris My Chicks Bad

Bad Lip Reading is still going strong and they released their latest hit, Magic Man. It's a spoof of Ludacris's


Bad Lip Reading Miley Cyrus

I'll be honest. I've never seen the original. So this bad lip reading version of a Miley Cyrus song is


Bad Lip Reading Version Of Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow

Bad Lip Reading takes pop songs and changes the lyrics to be ridiculous, but still fit the song's music video. Instead