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This One Is For The Virtual Reality Buffs

Virtual Reality is upon us, and it is getting more sophisticated every day. Have a look at this video where


Over-Inflating Footballs In Super Slow Motio

The Slow Mo Guys let an american football explode - in style! "It's usually footballs that are doing damage to


Dog Throws Ball Over Fence So Passersby Play Fetch With Him

Such an adorable and clever dog! He's having fun all day playing fetch with a lot of strangers passing by.


Football vs Face 1000x Slower

The new super slowmotion by The Slow Mo Guys shows a classic battle: ball versus face. This time we get


What Happens When You Leave A Tetherball In The forest

Few kids can leave a tetherball alone while hanging out at the playground. Apparently, this ram feels the same way.


Crushing A Bowling Ball And Pin With Giant Hydraulic Press

The Web's newest strange obsession, Hydraulic Press Channel, is back with another crazy clip for the weekend. This time, the crew


What It Feels Like To Bounce Around Town As A Superball

What kid doesn't love superballs? They're just awesome! The only problem is that they are so easy to lose because


Toddler Plays Catch With Dolphin

Is there anything cuter than a baby playing catch or fetch with a dog? Actually, there is! In this adorable clip,


Dog Plays Fetch By Self Using Stream

Human kids like to play games by themselves so why not dogs? Ryan Faw caught one dog in Kobe, Japan doing just


Over-Inflated Basketball Explodes When Bounced

This video was posted in the early days of YouTube, way, way back in 2006, but has only erupted in


Excited Dog Attempts To Retrieve Ball From Pool

This dog's attempt to retrieve a tennis ball from the pool is an analogy on life. As hard as we


Throwable Ball Camera Takes Amazing Panoramic Photos

This video going viral in Germany and on  features a brand new ball camera. The ball is outfitted with 36 mini cameras,