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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Ballet, Just Give It A Try They Thought

Ballet, how difficult can it really be? Piece of cake right? [embed][/embed]


Arab Girl Dances To Street Violinist In Italy

Tourists and passersby got a special treat on the streets of Italy when a young Palestinian girl started dancing to


Break Dancers Perform Ballet In New York Park

In New York City, it is common for a group of musicians or dancers to spontaneously perform in public. As


Ballet Dancers Dance To Classical Music In NYC Subway

It's not uncommon to find professional musicians performing in the New York City subway stations as you travel the Big


Baby Hippo Swimming Underwater Ballet

Adhama is a five month old baby hippopotamus at the San Diego Zoo. He is very playful, and loves showing off


Amazing Acrobatic Hoola Hoop Ballet

This performance may start out looking like just a man and a metal ring, but it's so much more. The


Little Girl Can’t Stand In Ballet’s First Position

This old video has just virally exploded. In an adorable class of young ones learning ballet, one little girl just