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RC Helicopter Equipped With GoPro Camera Captures Breathtaking View Of Bangkok

Team Blacksheep traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to create their latest video to promote their awesome first person view machines.  Equipped with…

Traveler Records His Amazing Emirates Airlines A380 First Class Flight From Bangkok To Hong Kong

Most people despise traveling, but if you have the cash, it can be an extremely pleasurable experience.  On April 30, 2011 Volterrific treated himself to…

Iced Tea Vendor Shows Off Flair

Street food vendors with impressive flair skills isn't new to the Internet. But this iced tea vendor on the streets…

Countless Drivers Park On Highway In Bangkok

Because of an impeding flood about to hit Thailand, drivers of Bangkok are literally parking on the highway that is…

Bangkok Iced Tea Bartender Flair

In the largest Market in Thailand, a person catches this man making iced tea. He uses flair like bartenders and…



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