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Honest Bank Commercial Is Truly Honest

We all recognize a bank commercial the second the ad starts on television. The guy in the suit talking to…

Bank Thanks Customers With Gift Giving ‘Automated Thanking Machines’

Sometimes, you just want to say thank you. So to thank their customers in a unique way, TD Canada created a special…

Trying To Open A Bank Account While Wearing A Ski Mask Prank

Bank robbers in the movies always wear ski masks. So it's no surprise the pranksters from Whatever were quickly kicked out of…

Bank Computer Programmer Tells Funny Story The One Time He Was Hired To Physically Rob A Bank

Moran Cerf won the Moth story telling competition for his story of when he tried to rob a small bank in…

Bank Of America Doesn’t Allow Customers To Close Accounts

With the #OccupyWallStreet protests continuing to grow in numbers and locations, more and more people are getting sick of the…

George Clooney Norway Bank Commercial

American celebrities are often so popular, they are even famous abroad. Norway's largest bank, DnB Nor, hired George Clooney to…



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