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Dismaland Commercial Is Chilling

World famous artist and critic of modern Western culture Banksy was trending last week when footage of his latest, and biggest, project hit…

Banksy’s Dismaland Is Creepy

World famous artist Banksy is famous for his unique perspective on our society and culture. He is especially critical of…

Hoax Artist Sells Fake Banksy Art In New York City

Last week, world famous artist Banksy attempted to sell his original work for the low price of $60 each on the streets…

Selling Banksy Art On The Streets On New York

Remember the now classic viral video of world renown violinist Joshua Bell performing in a subway station? Most commuters didn't…

Siren Of The Lambs Meat Truck With Stuffed Animals Art Exhibit By Banksy

World famous artist Banksy challenged the meat packing industry in New York City with his latest outdoor art piece. To protest the…

Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Dumbo By Banksy

With the Federal government shut down, it seems the 24 hour cable news world has forgotten the civil war in…



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