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This Epic Chain Reaction Trick Shot Runs Through A Whole Bar

Why just make a trick shot on ONE pool table? How boring... Try a dozen! Like in this epic trick


Hillary Clinton Serves Herself At A Bar On SNL

Now that Saturday Night Live has finally returned for a new season and the next presidential election is just around the


What Bartenders Really Think About People On Tinder Dates

Is there anything worse than a blind date? With the proliferation of online dating and dating apps like Tinder, completely


Jasmine Voice Singer Lea Salonga Sings ‘A Whole New World’ With Darren Criss At Piano Bar

Back in November, Disney actress Lea Salonga, who provided the singing voice for Jasmine in Aladdin, visited piano bar Marie's Crisis in the


Girls Can Be A-Holes At The Bar Comedy Sketch

In their latest Girls Can Be A--Holes sketch, NOKAT Comedy demonstrates how girls often label the average guy with good manners at


New York Bartender Covers ‘Creep’

NSFW language Cody Littlewood and friends were at the Brandy's Piano Bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan around closing time, and


Underage Guitarist Performs Separate From Band Outside Of Bar

Small time band Wayne Szalinski from East Lansing, Michigan ran into a few roadblocks during a recent gig at a Chicago bar.


Blackhawks’ Fans React To Winning Stanley Cup In Chicago Bar

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Monday night over the Boston Bruins. Besides for the exciting rivalry, what made


The 1860s Bar Prank In Brooklyn

For their latest improv-social experiment, the talented and popular improv crew of Improv Everywhere turned a regular bar in Brooklyn into a


Huge Group Of Girls Funny Music Video

Sketch comedy group Last Call Cleveland just went viral with their latest comedy music video titled Huge Group Of Girls. They


Bartender Pours Twelve Multi Color Cocktails At Once

This video posted in August had almost no views, until it became a viral sensation two days ago. A very skilled bartender


100 Sake Bombs Set Up Like Dominoes

Sake Bombs are a delicious way to get hammered. All you need is a glass of cold beer and a