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Stephen Colbert Tells Obama He Misses Him Via Microwave

You would things couldn't get more ridiculous. Kellyanne Conway thinks otherwise, as she claimed that former President Obama has spied


Barack Obama Vs Richard Branson In A Kitesurfing Battle

When someone else has taken over your job and problems, you should do the best in the situation: have fun.


A Big LGBT Thank You To President Obama

The Ellen Show posted this video of lots of celebrities like Jim Parsons, Evan Rachel Wood and Neil Patrick Harris,


Take A Virtual Reality Tour Through The White House

The Obama White House posted this cool 360° video, created by Félix & Paul Studios together with Oculus. In the


People Share Their Most Memorable Moments From The Obama Presidency

The White House got over 2.4 million views on this video showing lots of celebrities talking about their favorite memories


Barack Obama Singing All I Want for Christmas Is You

This new video by baracksdubs lets the for now being president of the United States become Mariah Carey for a

Lie Witness News: Obama Runs for Third Term

Jimmy Kimmel and his team did have their fun with this "Lie Witness News" edition. President Obama running a third

President Obama Answers Mean Tweets And Counters Diss By Donald Trump

To get actual president Barack Obama to show up for a silly twitter-reading reading is one thing. To present him

Stephen Helps President Obama Polish His Résumé

Having the president in a late night show is a pretty safe win, regarding viewing numbers. Stephen Colbert hat Barack


President Obama Slow Jams The News With Jimmy Fallon

As all TV junkies already know, President Obama was the guest star on The Tonight Show last night. Since this


President Obama As The Couch Commander

The White House Correspondents' Dinner seems to get bigger every year. As this is his last dinner as president, the The White


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