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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Barbershop Quartet Performs Perfect Famous Pop Songs Medley

It's funny how music works. It seems every generation, the older folks complain how the music just isn't as good


Jimmy Fallon And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sing ‘Better Have My Money’

Those who aren't die hard fans of his might not know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do more than just act. He's


Barbershop Quartet Sings On Plane During Delay

Is there anything worse than discovering that your flight is delayed and you're stuck waiting at the airport? Yes, exactly.


Girls Quartet Sings Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good-Happy Together Medley

The sound quality may not be so hreat, but the performance put on by Girls Quartet makes up for it.  The


Obama And Romney Go To The Barbershop

Everyone knows that the barbershop is the male equivalent to the salon. Supposedly, men go to the shop to hang


Barbershop Movie Spoof – White Barbershop

The movie Barbershop was about a neighborhood barbershop where people talked loud, spread gossip, and met up with friends. It