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Incredible Seven-Year-Old Uses Her Feet As Hands

It's easy to go through life and take so many things for granted. Little Sophi Green was born with no arms,


Nerd Makes Ultimate Marriage Proposal

You can't just make a cheesy proposal these days if you want to be original. So Ian Coulson went all out


Man Builds $230,000 House Ancient Cave

Most guys dream of building their own man-cave with the biggest TV and high tech amenities. But Angelo Mastropietro has taken


Body Builder Takes Things Too Far By Injecting Oil Into His Muscles

Every bodybuilder wants to go bigger and bigger. But when a high protein diet and lots of weight training aren't


Giant 175lb Family Pit Bull Is Appropriately Named The Hulk

British dog trainers Marlon and Lisa Grennan are experts at rearing powerful and fearless pit bulls for security. Their biggest pit


Baby Plays With Python Snake

Most people wouldn't dare get near a giant python snake, let alone allow their baby to play with one. But snake


Daredevil Climbs Chimney Tower With No Safety Equipment

Daredevil Flaviu Cernescu truly lives up to his title. The extreme climber fearlessly scaled a 280 meter tall old abandoned chimney


Horse And Baboon Are Unlikely Best Friends

Baboons and horses live together at an animal sanctuary near Western Cape, South Africa, but there's one horse and baboon who


Tiny Miniature Horse Is Super Cute

Miniature horses are already super cute. But Acer the dwarf horse is especially tiny. Only 22 inches tall, reports Barcroft


Mongoose Fights Off Four Lions

If you ever stumble upon a mongoose in the wild you better run. They are tough, resilient creatures. Even lions have


Piglet Is Best Friends With Pit Bull Terrier

Pigalina the piglet is only three weeks old, but she has already found a best friend for life. The young


World’s Shortest Cat Is The Cutest

The world's shortest cat has been dethroned of the titled by her own kitten. Barcroft TV  reports that little munchkin