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Guy With A Bass ‘Covers’ Donald Trump Saying China Montage

Donald Trump says a lot of things. One topic he loves to talk about is China. The Huffington Post made


Door Sensor Plays Seinfeld Classic Bass Riff

Everyone who has watched even a little TV instantly recognizes the few bass notes from Seinfeld's theme music. It's no surprise as


Using The Car’s Bass To Wipe Off The Snow

Most of the US has been slammed by brutal snowy season. But in Mother Russia, that's just standard operating procedure most of the


100 Famous Bass Lines Montage

Where would rock music be without the bass guitar? It's that background sound that blends all the other instruments together.


The Story Of The Bass Through History

The bass is a deep sounding background instrument, but that doesn't make it any less essential. Throughout history, it has


Daft Punk Get Lucky Bass Cover

Out of nowhere, small time musician Jim Bennett has gone viral. His rocking bass cover of Daft Punk's latest Internet sensation Get Lucky


Robotic ‘MechBass’ Performs Hysteria By Muse

For his engineering honors project at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, James McVay created this utterly epic robotic bass playing


One More Night Cover

Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider teamed up again for another spot on pop music cover. With the help from Kevin "K.O." Olusola on


Ace Of Bass Medley Performed On Five Basses

Artsy musical group CDZA has returned to the Inter-webs with their latest music video experiment. Five expert bassists performed a very


Old Stoner Surprised By Loud Car Bass Music

Loud music and bass enthusiast EXOabigdeal was blasting his car speakers like any old day, when an older man came running up to


40,000 Watt Mega Bass Makes Girl’s Hair Dance

Remember the 2,000 watt bass system that made a desk violently shake? Well, that's for just the kids. This is for


2000 Watt Bass Violently Shakes Desk

Remember that opening scene in Back To The Future? When Marty plugs into that huge speaker, and turns it up